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What if Indian government Ban Bitcoin

What if Indian government Ban Bitcoin?

 As you all know the Bitcoin is the Digital cryptocurrency which is moving very fastly. there is a very large search in the price in the last month so many people in India have many queries about the Bitcoin that Bitcoin may be banned in India by the Indian government ,so many rumours also about Bitcoin which reveal that India will Ban Bitcoin or the platform that are providing such cryptocurrency to the local people but according to the zebpay .what happened ? if Indian government Ban Bitcoin is that user will always able to transfer the Bitcoin from the other  wallet  now or in the future to a wallet in which they control the private keys, for example bitgo.com or trezor . in the case of ban , you can control your Bitcoin since it is a hypothetical situation we cannot prepare for it as we don't know the condition full stop Bitcoin is legal in most Western countries full stop but there may be chance that Indian government will Ban the cryptocurrency and the zeb pay  wallet but according to the most of the it will not happen .
and all you know that zebpay also advised user to invest money on their risk.so now you have to take the risk with full responsibility .

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